If you’re an avid paleo/gluten-free/low-carb/vegan/etc cook, then you’ve seen posts like this a million times. I would just like to jump on the band wagon and share my tried and true spaghetti squash cooking method with a ton of pictures! I have purchased 3 spaghetti squashes from the store and I have no idea how […]

I’m really bad at following directions for a recipe. I kind of find recipes on the internet and then alter them into something that seems a bit more delicious to me. Let me tell you, that certainly worked today. For lunch today I was planning on making some chicken lettuce wraps. Whenever I decide to […]

Today I have a delicious paleo dinner option for you. Start to finish it’s really only about a 30-minute process, with not all of that being active time. Let’s begin. Paleo Bulgogi Ingredients 1.5 pounds top round or another leaner cut of steak, sliced thinly. 2 red bell peppers, sliced thinly coconut oil for the […]

Before I go off and give my little spiel about the whole detox, the book provides you with an exit interview, so let me first complete that. My personal “Exit Interview” What have I learned about my body over the past ten days? I’ve learned that my body was addicted to sugar, and it reacted […]

AH! Once again I am a bit behind. I will try to recount all important things from this day pertaining to this detox. On my last day of this detox; I weighed 132.6 pounds. That is just shy of a total of three pounds lost in ten days, which is pretty much what I said […]

It’s Monday, which means back to work… Oddly enough for me I think I’m starting to like the days that I work because I’m on a much more regimented schedule, or I might just be crazy. Don’t worry, I still hate Mondays. And as if a Monday could get any worse I stepped on the […]

I woke up around 6:30 since I passed out extremely early last night. This morning when I weighed myself I was back up to 131.4, which I was not at all surprised about. It’s unrealistic to just continue to lose weight. My only plans for the day were to meet a friend at Lifetime for […]